Your Edmodo Classroom

Submitted 7 years ago
Cathy M.
Cathy M.
Instructional Technology Integrator
K–12 school
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My Take

Edmodo is a valuable tool that can meet a variety of student learning needs. Teachers can create short quizzes or use them as exit tickets to check for understanding. Students can be polled for their feedback on lessons or projects. Class discussions and questions can be posted in group feeds to facilitate learning and understanding. As with any social instructional tool, teacher expectations should be clear and include lessons on digital citizenship and responsibility.

How I Use It

Edmodo can be used as your digital classroom. Features include notes, assignments, polls, and quizzes. Groups can be created for each class. What I like best about Edmodo is the small group feature. This is great for projects, differentiation, and addressing varied learning needs. Teachers should set expectations for discussions and monitor as you would in any classroom activity. The new feature to pin a post at the top of the stream is a newer feature and can be helpful in keeping an important post in the student view. Also the ability to link posts into the Group folder helps student find posts that are older, but may be needed for review and practice. The library connects with Google Drive. Folders can be organized for each group and small group. There is a parent feature that is great for seeing their child's assignments with due dates and monitor progress. I have also used this with teachers for PLC learning, training groups, and modeling best practice using Edmodo.