Online classrooms made easy

Submitted 8 years ago
Miriam K.
Miriam K.
Cornell Elementary School
Coraopolis PA, US
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My Take

I REALLY like this site. It has totally changed the way I teach. I really like that you can separate the classes into groups and HOWEVER, if you are a teacher in a class under 9th grade you have to get verified. It is a process that takes about 3 days and has you load a lesson, a photo id, and a few other steps. I was unable to really make my account until I was verified. It was slightly annoying.

How I Use It

I use this site in my classroom everyday. This is an online learning community. It is really easy to add assignments and to make quizzes. Since it looks so much like Facebook, the students easily adapt to its use. Every time the students post I get an email that allows me to see what they posted. You can search users pretty easily and can changer their passwords if they forget. I use this program to assign papers and wor, to communicate with the kids outside of school time, and for much more. It is a great program to use as an online classroom.