Safe, Social Learning for Digital Citizens

Submitted 9 years ago
Tori M.
Tori M.
Ephesus Elementary School
Roopville GA, US
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My Take

I have used edmodo in both elementary and middle school settings. It's easier for student collaboration (commenting, turning in assignments, formative assessing, etc.) than my previous blog and current wiki. It takes a while for students become familiar with the interface (especially after it changed) and where files, etc. are located. Repetition and use are key to faster productivity. When multiple middle school teachers use it, it becomes easier to "train" students on the logistics. I also use a code of conduct contract and have only suspended one student in the past 3 years for violating terms.

How I Use It

For teaching multiple grades, I have set up different classes so they can only "talk" to each other. I have also set up "small groups" within each group so that assignments, tasks and instruction are targeted based on flexible grouping for the topic.

I create assignments that students "turn in" and I am able to easily assign a grade. I can attach rubrics, model examples, links and other resources all within the the one post. Sometimes I require students to "turn in" a link to a digital poster as well as "reply" so that others can also critique their work. If they only turn it in to me, I am the only one who can see it.

I have not used the parental code yet, but I like the availability of the feature.