Reluctant Students are NOW Engaged with Edmodo

Submitted 9 years ago
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Edmodo has changed the way I do quizzes, tests, social studies, and more. When you are faced with a diversity of students it helps to differentiate the instruction based on certain needs and levels of reading. The kids like the excitement of receiving an alerts

How I Use It

I use Edmodo to review what we have learned in the class. I assign different level questions to different level of students, along with their assignments I can add a specific video clip from any website to help bridge the gap. Composition writing, is also a big hit for students, They are already on the internet so they are able to do research and then type in their information. ( My ADHD students would rather type in a box than write on paper, and I have found that they are more open to critique when I reply to their compositions). I do a daily math quiz when we go into the computer lab. I only allow 7 minutes to complete. (you can set a timer to assignments) It helps minimize teacher grading why.... Because it grades it for you. I love Edmodo. For social studies my students enjoy doing Scholastics. So, now they can read the online issue (since all I have to do is put in a link, then I add a quiz on Edmodo, and it does the grading. -Perfect
Another amazing tool is the ability to create graphs and polls. We are constantly asking questions to create our own graphs and then we use that information in class to come up with our math questions.

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