Edmodo is a Facebook style website which allows for group discussion, assessment, and file storage.

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I was introduced to Edmodo two years ago, but have only just started using it fully. I like being able to link assignments into Edmodo and know that my students can assess the assignment and move at their own pace. Because students can get onto Edmodo from any computer with internet access, I have also used Edmodo to send work to sick students and students on Educational trips. It has a quiz feature that will grade the quiz and place into a gradebook. The students can use Edmodo to track the grades of the quizzes and assignments they have taken in Edmodo. The only issue with Quizzes that I have found is that it is on a 24hour timer, if a child starts a quiz and needs extended time, it will not allow it after 24hours. I have been in contact with Edmodo about this issue. Students can also chat in their classrooms. This chat feature is only accessible to students in that class unless the teacher allows parent involvement. Children can also be placed on Read only if their conversation is off task or not appropriate.

How I Use It

I have used this product for sending reminders to the class. I will send them a note to let them know the assignment for the day, or remind them that something is due. I have given quizzes. Multiple choice quizzes work best. Short answer will count the word as incorrect if it is misspelled, so I still have to check each answer. I have also given essay tests though Edmodo. The students do well with these, but the time limit becomes a factor. Just recently, I created a Web Quest for my students. I linked the Webquest with the instructions through Edmodo. The students were able to go to the note, click on my link and begin the webquest immediately. I have also been using the assignment feature to keep my 8th graders on track with their Research paper. Each piece, Notecards, Outline, First Draft, Second Draft, and Final becomes a separate assignment. The students did the whole paper through google. They would share the link through the assignment tab on Edmodo, I could make comments on the paper, and then grade and comment on the assignment. The students created a Wix.com webpage to display their final paper and will submit that link through an assignment on Edmodo.

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