A great tool for keeping in touch with students and extending the learning and discussion beyond the classroom.

Submitted 9 years ago
John R.
John R.
Hawthorn Middle School North
Vernon Hills IL, US
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My Take

Edmodo has served my classroom well because I like to be able to have students work in small groups, but continue to communicate with each other and work together online when they are not in the classroom. I like how Edmodo has the ability to divide the whole class into small groups and even assign assessments or assignments to just a select group of students. I like the feedback that students can provide after taking an online quiz, because it helps me gauge whether or not they considered the material challenging. One aspect I have not liked as much as I thought I would is the Google Docs/Drive integration. I have a lot of folders in Google Drive to help keep me organized, but they make it difficult to navigate within the Edmodo platform.

How I Use It

I have used Edmodo to make my classroom a paperless class, as well as conduct online discussions for when we run out of time in the regular classroom (which is always!) Turning in assignments electronically has always worked in the past, though for longer writing assignments, I tend to have students subject to Google Drive instead of Edmodo. The quizzes have been vastly improved from their early days and I use them regularly now. I have also used Edmodo's notification system as a way to send out text message alerts to remind my students of upcoming tests or projects' due dates. My experience with the Edmodo App Store has been hit or miss, but I honestly have not used it much.

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