Say goodbye to "my dog ate my paper"...forever.

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Students collaborate on a personal level every day through social media. Edmodo allows this collaboration to happen in a similar environment for education. Edmodo looks and acts a lot like Facebook. The educator can get a conversation started about a specific topic, article, video, etc. and then sit back and watch as students comment, raise question s and make intelligent arguments. You know those student who never raise their hand and when you pick on them to answer a question in class, they clam up and offer little? Edmodo solves this by allowing those students to collaborate in a way that is more comfortable to them.

Have I mentioned Edmodo saves paper...and excuses? Students can submit homework and papers while teachers can submit assignments and rubrics. They stay up on Edmodo to be used as a reference for as long as you'd like to keep it there.

There is so much more to Edmodo - I've only touched the tip of the iceberg. Try it and I think you'll agree! I'm glad I did!

How I Use It

One great advantage is that I post all of my first day of school paperwork to Edmodo: rubrics, classroom policies, rules and syllabus. On the first day of school instead of passing out packets of paper, my students jump on laptops, computers or mobile devices. We go over the paperwork in class and they respond to my posts excepting the "packet" which now becomes their digital signature. The ability for the kids to be able to refer to a syllabus and rubrics at any time keeps the accountable.

I teach Broadcast Journalism and we produce a news program every three weeks. Once the program is complete I post it to YouTube and then embed the link right into Edmodo. My students are then able to watch and critique the video outside of class time. This is a big time saver and will be loved by those in a "flipped" classroom.

My students have to submit a critique paper after every episode. They can refer to the video continuously while they write their paper and when they finish, they submit the paper directly to me on Edmodo! I open their papers and use comment bubbles in word to grade their paper and make comments. I then keep a copy for my records and send a copy directly to them (yes, through Edmodo). In this process, I never printed up a single piece of paper!

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