Edmodo expands the walls of your classroom and can talk your students to places they have never been!

Submitted 9 years ago
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I have worked with teachers on classroom implementation of Edmodo in our district for several years now. IT is such a great platform for teachers to shift their practice to be more student-centered. Not only can teachers use Edmodo to enrich their classroom, but they can also expand and enrich their practice through the professional communities and global connections! Edmodo continues to "up their game" to give classrooms tools they need for teaching and learning! They are very responsive to our needs!

How I Use It

Personally I use Edmodo for blended professional development, for sharing of online resources and to learn and grow professionally through the communities. I also manage the district sub domain so I help teachers troubleshoot when needed. I LOVE the control and analytics that we get as a district through our subdomain. Teachers are very receptive to the trainings I provide on Edmodo and can't wait to get started in their classroom! I find teachers see Edmodo as a terrific (and easy) platform for flipping their classroom. It is easy to share teacher created videos with students and embed Google Forms to obtain feedback on the lesson.Teachers also like the integration with Google Apps.

Karen Justl
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