Never leave class without it!

Submitted 9 years ago
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Overall, this product is essential in my classroom. I like that it allows me to share information with my students, use quizzes and polls for quick formative assessment, use assignments to differentiate my instruction, and that I can comment on students' work. I have no improvements to suggest- it is what you make of it!

How I Use It

I teach a self-contained 6th-8th grade Middle School class. With students in 3 grades and at various reading levels, Edmodo is essential to my classrooom. My students uses Edmodo every day. Some of the reasons I chose Edmodo are the ability to differentiate using the small groups feature, the ease of creating quizzes for formative assessment, and being able to comment on my students' work.

In my math period, I teach 3 different groups, one for each grade level. Students spend 20 minutes at each of 3 stations in math. One station is direct instruction with me, one station is review games with my paraprofessional, and one station is Edmodo. I find videos from Learnzillion, Khan Academy, or Pearson for my students to watch. Then, they answer questions to display their understanding of the video, which may be used for intriducing a topic, reviewing the previous day's topic, or a sprial review. My students are able to focus on their own learning and let me know if they are having trouble. I don't know what I would do without Edmodo!