Easy way to make your classroom paperless!

Submitted 9 years ago
Julia R.
Julia R.
Manhattan Beach Middle School
Manhattan Beach CA, US
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My school started a 1-to-1 iPad program this past year so I needed a way to turn my classroom into a paperless classroom. My school invested in a school license for eBackpack and I dived into the website and app full force. The students had their own eBackpack accounts so I was able to send them all their handouts through the website and they had access to anything they needed for class in one location. No more wasting time passing out handouts everyday.

How I Use It

EBackpack has both a website and an app. If your school has bought a license for eBackpack, your admin will set up your classes for you. Once your classes are set-up, you can add documents, folders, videos, powerpoints, pretty much anything as long as the file is not too big (there is a file size limit, especially when it comes to videos). As a teacher, the website is the only way to add files to your classroom folders. It has become much easier to add files since I first started using eBackpack. Before, you had to add one file at a time AND to each classroom folder. Now you can add a file to multiple classroom folders at the same time. You can create subfolders in each of your classroom folders. I organized my classes by chapters in the textbook. This way students can go into the correct chapter and find the documents they need for the day. Students also have their own folder in eBackpack that they can use to save their files in a safe and permanent place. The app is easy for the students to use in the classroom. They can do everything need to do in the app version of eBackpack. One issue that occurred during the year is that Internet access is required to use eBackpack. If students can't access the files in eBackpack, make sure to have a backup plan when the Internet goes down. I always have 30-40 paper copies of the handout available for every assignment. There have been times when the Internet has stopped working and thankfully I had paper copies so I was able to continue my lesson as planned. I have saved so much time from no longer needing to make hundreds of copies every day and I am saving trees, as well. The students enjoy being Eco-friendly while they are learning!