Cool if you want to troll people but not if you want to become fluent in another language

Submitted 2 years ago
James W.
James W.
I take advantage of people psychologically
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This app is designed to be fun and all, but it's not a good way at all to become fluent in a language with a different alphabet. Take me, for example. I'm learning Russian, mainly for the purpose of trolling my friends and playing online games. It doesn't give you opportunities to hear the words spoken except for when you hover over the words you're supposed to translate to English. And when you do that, it shows every possible English translation for that word. Perfect for just starting, but I'm like halfway through the whole course and it still does that for every word I'm supposed to be translating to English. And don't even get me started on when it makes me type in english sentence in Russian. You don't give me a ton of chances to learn the words and now I have to type them!! I guess if you're really devoted to wanting to be a cooperative CS:GO player you can go back and re-master each skill. Idk maybe I'm just weird in not doing that. But yea, I'm halfway through the whole dang course and I know some phrases but it's not really rubbing off on me

How I Use It

I used it to learn Russian