Learning a language just how you SHOULD learn a language! Hands on discovery!

Submitted 7 years ago
Aaron D.
Aaron D.
Freeman High School
Adams NE, US
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If you are teaching a second language, this app will greatly enhance your lesson through the use of images and voiced prompts allowing your students (as a class, in groups, or individuals) to build and practice their knowledge and fluency of the second language they are learning. The approach that Duolingo has used to teach a second language keeps the students engaged at all times through constant learning, quick learning checks, and a fun gamified structure to promote engagement and interest.

How I Use It

This app allows basic facts about a language to be practiced on multiple levels of student learning abilities. Students can work at their own pace and learn in a way that should be how a language is taught. Duolingo uses images and repetition to help the student discover what words are used to piece together complete statements to get a point across.

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