Duolingo engages students inside and outside of the classroom in interactive language learning!

Submitted 9 years ago
Erica M.
Erica M.
Ryan Gloyer Middle School
Harmony PA, US
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My Take

This website/app is effective at engaging students and providing them with language input supplementary to classroom instruction. It is free and easy to use in and outside of the classroom. Students are able to use the website at their own pace so it helps to differentiate instruction. It is great for visual learners and students who love to use technology.

How I Use It

I use it in my classroom to supplement the curriculum and provide more language input than I can with the limited time I have in the classroom. Students work on Duolingo in the classroom for two days out of the week and complete a particular amount of levels to receive points. I also have them take a quiz for each topic they complete on Duolingo. Students love to use Duolingo and often follow their friends on the website, which can further motivate them through competition. Several of my students come to class with grammar questions before I even introduce the subject. Others strive to go beyond the requirements I have set for Duolingo and seize the opportunity to develop their language further. I also have students who have already started learning the language on Duolingo before coming to my class, so they have a foundation of knowledge to draw from. I teach Intro German, so this product is not limited to just advanced learners.

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