Mastery Based Reading Activities for Grade K

Submitted 8 years ago
Ruth O.
Ruth O.
Victory Elementary School
Portsmouth VA, US
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My Take

Duck Duck Moose Reading is a mastery based app for students in grade K. Students learn letter names and sounds while having fun. The game is engaging and easy for students to use. The student reporting is a great feature, however with only three available students, classroom use is limited. It would be great if students could sign in and out of the app so that additional students could be accommodated. If tracking could be downloaded on a separate website this would make the app more accommodating for teachers.

How I Use It

I’ve used the app with my grade K students. We have a one iPad class with a limited number of classroom computers. During center time, we use this app in pairs as part of the computer center. Students on the computers use a similar web application. Using this app on the iPad is also an option available to early finishers. The limited number of student accounts available makes use of the app a little problematic. Only three students can have their activities tracked and the rest must use the guest option. Those using the guest option cannot return to where they left off in the game, so they always have to start at level 1.