Want results?? Give Dreambox a try!!

Submitted 4 years ago
Cassondra M.
Cassondra M.
Waterloo Elementary School
Monroe MI, US
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My Take

I love Dreambox. I love that I can personalize the experience for all my students based on their needs or sometimes even what they want to explore. I am able to keep track of student progress as they move through assignments and different standards. This quickly allows me to change up assignments and or work one on one with students based on their needs. I highly recommend Dreambox. It is well worth the price.

How I Use It

We use Dreambox as a way to back up and or reiterate our daily lessons. It allows us to give assignments to students. I usually give them all one assignment based on what we are working on in class and one assignment based on their individual needs. If a student is lower in skill I can give them a lower level assignment to keep practicing. However, for my advanced students they are able to be given assignments that allow them to experience areas of mathematical enrichment.
This is able to be used during free time as school and also outside of school. We recommend one hour of Dreambox a week outside of the school hours.