Interface and lessons are confusing for younger students

Submitted 4 years ago
Christina K.
Christina K.
Magnolia Montessori For All
Austin TX, US
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We were looking for a program that could run itself completely independently without help from a teacher. However, that has not been the case. Many of the students find the lessons to be confusing, particularly the ones involving telling time and the early numeracy lessons, and they require a teacher's help to help them navigate what to do. Students are able to collect coins and get to different levels based on how many lessons they do, but their overall progress in mastering certain math standards is unclear to them and they have no way to track their personal learning or growth on the program. The developers of the program encourage children to compete with each other to see who can complete the most lessons, rather than having students set personalized goals for their own learning and collaborate on achieving those goals. I do like that the program is offered in both English and Spanish. My first grader who speaks only Spanish loves using the program because it is in her native language. I also like that students are able to choose from a menu of lessons and that teachers are able to assign lessons to students, in addition to the ones the adaptive technology gives them. I just wish the interface for students was more mastery-oriented and that the lessons themselves were more straightforward, particularly for the youngest learners.

How I Use It

I use this as part of the work cycle in my Montessori classroom. Students who are struggling in math choose when to do their required minutes/lessons on it throughout the week.