Great resource for any type of classroom.

Submitted 4 years ago
Esther H.
Esther H.
Ulysses Byas Elementary School
Roosevelt NY, US
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My Take

Dreambox is a personalized math program.It takes the student from lesson to lesson based o their capacity. if the teacher thinks that students need a challenge or a different lesson, the teacher has the power to assign a lesson with a time frame. The teacher also can view which lessons they struggle and gives them a chance to preview the lesson. Students are suppose not to use any extra materials (pencils,paper, manipulative) but some students do need it. One of the advantages is that it has the option of Spanish/English which is a PLUS. !!!!!!! Finally, Dreambox has a rewarding system of coins in which students can purchase * music, background, and games.
I do wish Dreambox would give out prizes or some type of rewards for students who accomplished the most or try the most or something of the nature.

How I Use It

Small groups , you can assign them standards that they need to work/complete.
Also, the entire classroom could working on specific standard.
The lessons are games in which students get coins* Sometimes the games are hard to understand but Dream box has an option for a preview of the lesson, which has helped me a lot.
Another benefit is that Dreambox gives you information about your students right away, DATA!