Differentiation at its finest!

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

I originally started using it in the classroom as an independent practice after whole group guided practice. I quickly found that I didn't have time to do it with fidelity, and realized I didn't have a high opinion of the program. When our school implemented our iPad take-home, I was able to utilize it as a homework piece. My students consistently get the work done, and I no longer feel I am wasting district dollars. I find this to be a WIN/WIN! I couldn't imagine not having it now. I can assign skill focus for students and help them master crucial math skills that are extremely difficult otherwise because of the school day time crunch.

How I Use It

I use Dreambox as a homework piece for my students. I teach at a one-to- one school, so this is possible. The thing that I love about it is I can assign a skill focus for students. This allows me to differentiate the practice for each student. Honestly, Dreambox is way more engaging for students than traditional paper/pencil work so I get more homework completion with this digital tool.