Dream Into Success with DreamBox

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

We really love it at our school and this is our second year of using it. As a teacher you do need to watch the students work on it because they can bounce in and out of different lessons. What has worked at our school is that they show you when they have completed it and you guide them into the lesson you want. Overall, it is an outstanding program and I highly recommend it to all schools. It does not replace your curriculum, but it does enhance it!

How I Use It

The students go on DreamBox everyday to reinforce their Math skills. The students are engaged in their learning as they are doing rigorous Math problems. We have tried many Math programs and we have found this program to have the most success with our students. The students are forced to really think about how Math works. When they are using DreamBox they are not allowed to use paper. They need to do it all mentally. Yes it is challenging, but they will break it down for the students to be able to succeed. I know in our school the scores have showed that it works.