True adaptive app that will take students to THEIR next math level!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Dreambox is an industry leader and continues to improve and add content and lessons to support math at the basic and progressing through advanced levels. There have been times where we would like to "assign" a specific lesson and have struggled to do so; during set-up and in these sporadic instances customer support has been a five star experience.

How I Use It

This has been used as a consistent component during math centers in a variety of classrooms here at school. The students love it and the lessons within as they work to earn credits and improve their avatars. We love it because it is not time that is simply being used for "drill & kill" practice. It meets the students where they are and helps them to move forward.

The backend interface allows us to follow progress and has proven to us that girls are using this app in their free screentime at home - a statement to their enjoyment of the experience.