Can be beneficial and useful, but has difficulty picking up all words and phrases.

Submitted 9 years ago
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I have used Dragon Dictate before on the Mac, and enjoyed its uses. But when the App came out, I was thrilled to see its availability, However I also have been offput by the amount it doesn't pick up. I have had a harder time using the app, than I have the actual Software on the computer. I like the idea of it being portable and used in the hands of students, but even some of the students have expressed difficulties using it, as it doesn't pick up certain accents very well, or slurs etc.

How I Use It

I use it with two students currently, who have a hard time phonetically typing and writing, so we use Dragon with them. Dragon has been a great resource (Mentioned before on the Computer) but with the App, it has become almost more difficult to use than the actual Computer model. The issues I have had again are the phonetics, Words said vs. words written, and ultimately the ambient noises it picks up beyond reading out loud.