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Doodlecast Pro Video Whiteboard

Record what you know and share it with the class

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Arts, Communication & Collaboration, Creativity

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Instructional Strategies, Presentation

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Platforms: iPad

Pros: The record feature makes animating any presentation fun and easy.

Cons: This is a pure and simple presentation tool, and will require you to get creative with content.

Bottom Line: Students and teachers can make presentations, lesson plans, maps, graphs, and other digital creations.

Teachers can create lesson plans using Doodlecast Pro Video Whiteboard or, better yet, let students create their own lesson plans. The tools make it easy for anyone to get started, visualize an idea, and share presentations. Use the record feature to capture audio and animations for your presentation, make connections by using the pointer, or add illustrations with the drawing tool. Assign any project and have students present using Doodlecast Pro. Students (and teachers) can create presentations using analog tools, but the opportunity to use digital tools in this way can be empowering for many students. Plus, the consolidation of tools makes it easier to share those ideas in the classroom.

Editor's Note: Doodlecast Pro is no longer available.

Doodlecast Pro provides tools for you to create your own presentations and makes it easy to share what you've made. Choose from a library of backgrounds, import your own photos, utilize a variety of drawing and pointer tools, and add multiple pages. The record feature can capture animation and audio. Record a drawing in action or use it to capture frame by frame for a stop-motion effect. Doodlecast Pro is an engaging alternative to most other digital presentation tools. Lack of prompts may make it difficult for some to get started, but the format makes it ideal for anyone in need of tools to make a captivating presentation. The app opens on a blank page with tools situated at the bottom, recording and playback features at the top. Presentations are stored in a gallery and can easily be shared via YouTube, Dropbox, or email.

As a tool for communicating other subjects and topics, Doodlecast Pro is an excellent way for students to articulate an idea. There may be an opportunity for students to learn more about the process of building a presentation –- digital drawing, audio and visual recording, and data visualization. There are no parameters or prompts for how kids should create their presentations, keeping it open-ended for them to add their own information. The format makes it easy enough for anyone to share what they know with others, making it a great tool for peer-to-peer learning. Kids might benefit from having access to sample presentations or prompts for how to share their stories, as the blank slate might be daunting to some.

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Upload photos, draw, and record to create unique presentations.


Kids create presentations on any topic, and can learn from one another by sharing their creations.


Tutorials are available within the app, and the tools are relatively straightforward.

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Easy to use tool for creating video lessons!

I think doodle cast is a great tool for creating video lessons that can be exported and then shared with students in a variety of ways. It could also be effective to have students create a video explaining a concept or working out a problem, and then submit the file through an LMS or Cloud system for the teacher to view.

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