Engaging, Interactive VR Tool

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

This project as a teaching tool is a great way to engage students and introduce them to subjects in social studies and science. The set-up time and navigation time is minimal but it is a challenging tool to instruct the class through. I would like to see Discovery VR add more experiences for the students.

The graphics and visuals are incredible! They make you feel like you are wherever the journey you picked took you.

How I Use It

Discovery VR is a great tool for using virtual reality in the classroom. This is a good tool especially for introducing students to different places, areas and animals in the fields of science and social studies. This tool allows students to be immersed both visually and through sound. My only problem with the use of this tool is that there are no clear arrows to direct students where to look and there are limited experiences. It is definitely more of a student-driven and individual experience versus a class-wide experience.