This graphing calculator is revolutionizing my teaching!

Submitted 8 years ago
Glen L.
Glen L.
Charles F Patton Middle School
Kennett Square PA, US
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My Take

Desmos is the the most commonly used product in my classroom. The free, online, graphing calculator is simple to use and intuitive for the students. It provides meaningful learning experiences for all students, and gives kinesthetic and visual learners the chance to excel. I thoroughly enjoy how accessible it is, and how it gives students the opportunity to make discoveries in a student-centered environment. My only critique (and a very small one at that), is that when restricting functions, only the domain or range can be contained, not both. This is only an issue when creating and graphing pictures with non-linear functions, but something that a few of my very advanced students picked up on.

How I Use It

I use Desmos almost daily in my classroom, and encourage students to do the same at home when working on homework. My students recently completed a project based on the "Creative Art" section of the Desmos homepage, and made their own pictures using nothing but linear equations. It provided a detailed look into what the students had and had not mastered - and it was extremely simple to grade! I have had the students use a classroom set of Chromebooks in order to investigate systems of equations with infinitely many solutions and no solutions. Students were able to create their own systems, and troubleshoot the problems with them independently. Many students take advantage of the program at home, and use as a way to check the answers to different homework problems, looking for the intersections and intercepts of graphs.

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