Great resource for students without a graphing calculator.

Submitted 10 years ago
Alli S.
Alli S.
Student Resource Center Coordinator
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My Take

So excited to find a free graphing calculator resource. It is "required" that our students have a graphing calculator - but there are still plenty of students without that resource. Desmos allows all students to have access to a powerful tool. I like how you can graph multiple equations/inequalities at a time. You can also show students the relationship between a function and its parent function (they have a built in feature for this). Can also see table of values that refers to graph.

How I Use It

I'm not in a traditional teaching setting but I do tutor students in math throughout the day. I use this tool on my iPad to help explain to students how changing a component of an equation/inequality can change the graph. I use it more for teaching the concept behind the graph. If I was in a traditional classroom setting I would use this as my graphing calcultor with my projector. So far I haven't run into any problems with Desmos. I highly recommend it for any math educator!