Social Bookmarking - great to set up as a lab homepage

Submitted 9 years ago
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Great to use with students so they never have to remember websites or be redirected to other websites if they make a mistake typing the URL. It has been updated quite a bit lately and unfortunately past updates allow users to be connected to other users, which may be an issue for younger students. However benefits far outweigh the cons especially if you train your students well.

Very easy to use plus you can put a tool on your browser so you don't need to constantly log in when saving links.

How I Use It

I set this up as my lab homepage and it is a great timesaver.
This supports Danielson Teacher Effectiveness Domain 1 Planning and Preparation and Component 1D Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources as you can bookmark all the websites that your students need in all content areas. Similar websites can be grouped together in tags for ease of access. I have tags for myself with links to professional websites and tags for my students with links to websites that correlate to the curriculum.