Engaging and exciting, but a hassle to set up with WiFi everytime.

Submitted 4 years ago
David D.
David D.
Cheyenne Mountain School District No. 12
Colorado Springs CO, US
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My routine is: 1. Start Cozmo, which often consists of taking Cozmo off the charger, placing Cozmo back on the charger, press the button on Cozmo's back. 2. Open iPad and go to Settings/wifi, and select the Cozmo##### network. 3. Load the Cozmo app and dismiss whatever notification might pop-up, then click connect and wait for Cozmo to "wake up".

I like how cute the Cozmo is. How engaging it is. I like that I can have kids learn how to code with it as well as play games with it. I like that it has a camera and that you can type words in for it to say (and it has pretty decent pronunciation). It would be a really great tool to use with a whole class full of students. BUT.... The setup.

I can envision some people saying that its no big deal. Maybe. Maybe. lets say I go 1:2 robot:student ratio. If I pull 15 ipads and as many Cozmo robots, I will then have students changing the wifi on 15 ipads. It could go well, but I have seen easier tasks derail when I hand out devices to all of my students. I would prefer to have the connection process be easier- Sphero comes to mind. Sphero has a very easy connection process. Please Anki, if you are listening, re-work the connection process.

TLDR: It is engaging but a hassle to set up. I was thinking that if it worked I might roll out a bunch of them, like get a set of 12 or something, but because the setup is such a hassle, that's definitely not going to happen. Which is sad.

How I Use It

I allow my students to program with Cozmo when they are done with lessons (if they have all work turned in). There are also games they can play, which kids can earn as a reward.