Corkboard is a single user cork board to save notes and websites.

Submitted 9 years ago
Lisa B.
Lisa B.
Hershey Middle School
Hershey PA, US
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My Take

I planned on using this tool in class; however, there was no collaboration element from the app. There was no way to have multiple boards, so I could not install and use the app on our class iPad minis. The website offers more options, but you have to have an email or Facebook to create an account. This is not helpful for the classroom setting. There are other tools that provide a similar concept, but with more personalization for students, the chance to collaborate with others, and multiple boards.

How I Use It

Each student was assigned a country to describe the physical and human geography. One of the options given to the students to display the information was using the Corkboard app. However, it did not go as planned. The iPod Touch app is free, but there is a distracting ad across the bottom and the display is small. There was no way for the students to share their completed boards - everything stays on the device. The website would have provided more options, but they can not create log ins using Facebook or email because they are under 13.
I could create a board of resources to share with students - but I would have to make sure to all the settings are public, otherwise the students will not be able to view. I liked the concept of the website/app, but not the actual use.