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Simple, standard post-it board for virtual bookmarking

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Character & SEL, Creativity, Critical Thinking

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Presentation, Productivity

Price: Free
Platforms: Web

Pros: It's simple to use, and its lack of frills keeps users from getting distracted.

Cons: Watch out for privacy; default settings are set to public.

Bottom Line: A standard but versatile online corkboard: free, simple, and easy to use.

Create corkboards for any of your classes; they can be a place to communicate, an open forum for questions, or a spot to share information. You could put together a corkboard on Pride and Prejudice that features links to film clips, historical and biographical information on Jane Austen, and book excerpts or quotes. You can then assign it to students, asking them to read and review its contents, leave comments, and engage in a discussion. Students can also create their own corkboards that include multimedia they can present to the class.

Editor's Note: Corkboard is no longer available.

Sign up for Corkboard with an email and password (or through your Facebook account). They'll send you an email confirmation link; click on it and you'll be brought to the site's home page. First, configure your account. You can choose to make your corkboards public or private and can add information about yourself (it even includes a space for your phone number). To make your first corkboard, go to the Corkboard tab and click Create Corkboard. Add a name, description, an image if desired, and the email addresses of others who can also post to this corkboard.

There are many virtual corkboard sites out there. Although this one is serviceable, it's nothing special compared to its many competitors. It's easy to use, which is great, and very simple -- there's nothing to distract kids (like too many customization options, etc.). It's also free, which is a bonus.

If students use it to manage their own projects, they'll learn organizational skills and, if they choose to collaborate on a corkboard, how to work with peers. Students with learning differences may find it useful to view information in a non-linear way.

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Design is fine; there's no way to really personalize your corkboards, which is an option on some similar sites. The corkboards look like corkboards. However, they're tidy and depending on what kinds of things you post, can be sort of fun.


Post-it style organizational skills learned here can transfer to future school and work needs; kids who do better with visual reminders as opposed to linear lists may really appreciate this kind of board. 


Help comes in the form of an intro video as well as an FAQ. 

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Polly  C.
Polly C. Common Sense

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Corkboard is a single user cork board to save notes and websites.

I planned on using this tool in class; however, there was no collaboration element from the app. There was no way to have multiple boards, so I could not install and use the app on our class iPad minis. The website offers more options, but you have to have an email or Facebook to create an account. This is not helpful for the classroom setting. There are other tools that provide a similar concept, but with more personalization for students, the chance to collaborate with others, and multiple boards.

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