A great resource to find MORE relevant resources

Submitted 4 years ago
Jessica L.
Jessica L.
Bingham High School
South Jordan UT, US
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My Take

I like it as a resource to help scaffold and build background knowledge on a topic. The articles are short enough to be manageable and if I wanted to I could include multiple in one class period. As a teacher, I loved that each article had suggestions for articles related to the same topic that I could explore and use as well. The sets are perfect- there was a lot of good information that WIkipedia just couldn't provide to my students and most of it was timely and relevant to them.

How I Use It

I loved the format of these articles- they include many pictures and are short enough to not be overwhelming to my lower literacy/ ELL students. I teach 12th grade and used this resource to find articles for my students to read to build necessary context about Native Americans and boarding schools in order to set them up for success in understanding The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian more deeply. They enjoyed the variety of information they were able to get, and the different angles from which to study the topic.