A rather clunky comic platform for drafting graphic novels and other literacy projects that did not engage my students for long.

Submitted 9 years ago
Susan M.
Susan M.
Blended Learning Coach
Liberty Public School District 53
Liberty MO, US
My Rating

My Take

Overall, I was not impressed with this platform. I felt it was rather clunky in design and was more drag-n-drop than creative. I would not use this for big projects, but rather if I wanted to teach dialogue or have students explore a character or even a scene for a play, this might be a choice for a teaching tool.

How I Use It

I think one of the best uses of this product is practicing and understanding the art of writing dialogue and developing characters. What is challenging about this product if a student were to draft graphic novels, they would have to use the characters, actions, and settings available in the product rather than create their own. This might be better used to maybe understand the big idea of graphic novels, as in a practice draft, or would be a good platform to learn how to write dialogue or subtext to understand characters. My students did not find it very user friendly nor did it keep their attention. They wanted to do so much more on their creations, so they struggled with limited choices.