Engaging interactive ebook, which can be relied on in for many uses.

Submitted 8 years ago
Jim P.
Jim P.
Melvindale High School
Melvindale MI, US
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My Take

After looking for a color resources that would give my students better information than some handouts that I had been creating on the computer, I can safely say that intergrating this app into my class, especially courses that focus on color, like Painting 1-2 have seen their comprehension of the scientific meanings grow. I now have a tool to use to create assessments from, as well as push students in the direction to use on their own time.

The price point doesn't hurt either!

How I Use It

I've been using this app as a supplemental text for my classes for the last few years. When my students got a glimps of the app working on my iPad, they asked if they could download it and play with it themselves. Student's love the "optical illusions" that can be manipulated in the book to prove the concepts point.