Courses that allow student engagement at many different levels

Submitted 3 years ago
Lori H.
Lori H.
South Jordan Middle School
South Jordan UT, US
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My Take

I have used different parts of and I really love it all. I think they have the teacher in mind in providing resources and classroom organization. I have used their help and support and they have always responded to me in a timely manner. One problem I have seen is that since many teachers are now using it, some students came into my class already having done some of the curriculum. But the good news is, they have places where kids can go to play and challenge themselves. Also, there is a great resource in the Teacher Forum. I have read ideas other teachers have done to assess or add to lessons.

How I Use It

I taught the Computer Science Discoveries course. provided free professional development. They have excellent teacher resources and it was easy for me to understand. I didn't have background in computer science, but with their materials, I was able to feel confident in teaching. I have found that their curriculum offers a way for beginners to learn and not be overwhelmed. But it also provides opportunities for more advanced students to challenge themselves. The course offers opportunities for them to use their own ideas and creativity.