Entry event for a PBL project on coasters

Submitted 8 years ago
Sandy W.
Sandy W.
Ripon Area School District
Ripon WI, US
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My Take

This was an excellent simulation for our project on coasters and physics. A teacher needs to be comfortable implementing a game-based learning approach during the process, and students will be controlling their learning part of the time. The game is engaging and challenging. Lessons, suggestions, and resources are strong additions to this simulation.

How I Use It

Coaster Crafter worked well as an entry event for our PBL "the ride of your life" project. This was the opening event to gets students engaged in coasters and the physics behind them. Students were given opportunities to work through the various parts of the simulation to create a coaster. Immediate feedback was given when they did not succeed at building a coaster. Follow up discussion was important daily as students worked through the process.