Roller Coaster Fun!!

Submitted 9 years ago
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This is a fantastic site that would be great in the classroom. Students have to work their way through the challenges before they can get to the free play section so it offers the students motivation to complete each challenge. It aligns with the common core curriculum and focuses on teaching students the basic foundation of STEM in a fun way. Students will be excited to learn using this site.

How I Use It

Any lesson or unit involving inertia, velocity, acceleration, momentum, friction, mass, potential and kinetic energy and gravity could use this site to help reinforce learning. This site offers students the chance to work at varying levels of learning. What works is that it starts with a design challenge that allows students to be introduced to the beginning STEM concepts. From there they work their way to the Coaster Challenge where the students take what they've learned in and put it into action. They end the unit with the free play where they utilize all of their skills.