Great way to put together student recorded clips into a visual masterpiece!

Submitted 4 years ago
Meghan B.
Meghan B.
Deer Lakes School District
Cheswick PA, US
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My Take

There are endless ways to incorporate Clips into the classroom. This was mainly an intro lesson, but I plan to use it often for summaries, explaining a concept, deliveries a book report, breaking down a math problem, etc. So many possibilities! Clips is so easy to use. 2nd grade students had no trouble. They loved all the effects that could be added. I cannot think of any improvements for Clips because it went so well in the classroom!

How I Use It

Although Common Sense lists Clips as a 8-12 grade level app, I used it in a 2nd grade classroom and it went wonderfully! Students used Clips to interview another student from the class that they didn't know yet. Our district just went 1:1 this year, so each student has an iPad in 2nd grade. We gave the students a short prompt for what to say, but they got to be creative with what questions they asked. After recording their interview, students were given time to add live titles, filters, stickers, emojis, music, etc. The students were able to be creative and really explore the app with very little guidance! The end results were awesome! We then projected each final product onto the board and learned about all the students. They were so proud of their final product.