Must-have communication tool with growing toolkit!

Submitted 4 years ago
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If you are looking for a communication or collaboration app to get parents involved and up-to-date with student behavior, you have to get ClassDojo. The set-up is super easy. You just have to set up your class by creating a class name and enter student names to assign them a dojo monster. The app is probably most known for its behavior monitoring. You can use the behaviors or "skills" that come with the app or edit them to be a better fit for your classroom. Even better, have students collaborate to choose the top skills that will result in a positive or negative point. You can award points to individuals, groups (table competitions anyone?!), or to the entire class. I also love that you can now add a comment to the point. For example, my skills are set up as virtues that are school and class focuses. "Perseverace" can look like many things, but I love that I can communicate to the student and parent exactly how/when the student persevered. Student stories are also a newer function that makes this a great tool. Snap in the moment pictures of student work, post a reminder about a field-trip or project, or post a rubric! I have even had student groups do presentations on the stories feature. Sharing student presentations with parents right away was not an option for my classroom before the feature was added. Even some of the "smaller" tools in the new toolkit section such as the timer, and group randomizer are used frequently. I am still waiting on quiz option to make the learning with this app even better. ClassDojo has added a few lesson plans and videos in the last year, my favorite being the Growth Mindset and Mindfulness lessons. I would like the option to add my own lessons with videos and quizzes!

How I Use It

This app was used in my classroom to monitor and monitor student behavior and communicate with students and their parents. I have used it for 2-4th grade classes and have found success with it each time. I edit the behaviors to match school-wide and class virtuous language. The student profiles allow you to quickly see the types of behaviors being displayed immediately. I choose not to display the home page on the front board because I prefer to keep behavior a private matter. However, I do keep the volume on so students can hear when positive and negative points are given. I also use almost every tool that has been developed since my first year using the app, especially the "Class Story" feature to share Instagram-like posts for my students and parents.