Engaging and effortless classroom management.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Class dojo is a great way to reinforce the appropriate classroom behaviours. Students enjoy seeing all the different ways they can accumulate points. Redirection during any type of task is easy. Because I can give students points from the smartphone app, I can be across the room work with a group or one on one with a students and still keep kids on task with a couple of clicks.
Students enjoy logging on to Classdojo because they can change their avatar and checkup on how many points they have accumulated.
Parents can see how their kids are doing and follow up with them if there are any concerns.

How I Use It

I use classdojo quite heavily in the beginning of the school year. It helps me reinforce my behaviour expectations straight away. Presently I am not using the app as much, but as I have a teacher candidate in my classroom doing some teaching, I think the both of us will use the app again so that students continue to choose appropriate on task behaviour.
I am lucky enough to have a smartboard set up in my classroom. Each morning I load my class profile. Before I pick up students, I make sure the projector is on and up on the Smartboard. When students come into the class they can see their total points beside their name and avatar. Students earn points by making good choices. Every point earned is followed by a sound effect. When students hear the "ding" they get down to business.