Time-saving citation tool but has limitations

Submitted 8 years ago
Scott M.
Scott M.
American Canyon High School
American Canyon CA, US
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My Take

It a good tool for citations, but limited by the fact it doesn't work for PDF's (in the free version), nor does it allow exporting to Google Docs (in the free version). It does allow exporting the notes and works cited to MS Word, but not all students have MS Word (some have Chromebooks, for example), and, for the students that do have Word, they shouldn't have to export to World first, then copy and paste from Word into a Google Doc. That workflow is too cumbersome.

How I Use It

Students need to learn how to research using online sources. As part of this process, they have to be able to cite their sources. Citelighter allows them to do this for most websites. What doesn't work is that Citelighter doesn't export to Google Docs in the free version, nor does it allow students to cite PDF's, in the free version. These are two huge drawbacks for my Google Aps for Education (GAFE) class. My online curriculum requires students to frequently read PDF articles, and they write everything in Google Docs.