Assurance of proper citations in research papers and essays.

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Some genres are already loaded into this website and make it much easier to prepare an essay, ESPECIALLY, for those who are challenged and have trouble comprehending the steps. As a teacher, you can set the outline up with prompts and steps you choose. The exercises and outlines can be made the way you want to design them. If writing is made more simple, students won't be so fearful of research and writing. I am hoping that it will help them write excellent research papers because as of now, they document sources throughout their papers poorly. I teach and reteach and still their writing is mediocre. I believe that tools like this will strengthen learning and mold good writers.

How I Use It

I would use this as a teaching tool for writing the various essays required in English and in History. I went through the tutorials and from what I have seen, this almost writes the paper for you. This website won't be used in my classroom for every essay because I want for them to have the knowledge behind the set up; however, I do believe it lays the foundation for effective writing and it is a great learning tool.