Great way to provide a connection between students and teachers, made huge difference in my CR

Submitted 7 years ago
Rachelle Dene P.
Rachelle Dene P.
Riverview High School
Oakmont PA, US
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My Take

I have used it to send links to websites directly to their device for use in class, or for some flipped class experiences. It enables me to provide support to my students and for the students to ask for help when needed, therefore expanded where and when learning occurs. it was the first change I made in my classroom a few years ago and continues to impact it in positive ways every day.

How I Use It

I used it initially to send reminders to students about upcoming work/projects/tests, or after a break to remind what materials we needed for class. When students were absent, I sent messages about what they missed in class. Students can ask me questions for help with homework and projects, I can send helpful links and images of forgotten worksheets or books. Great to use for a poll with the class or even things like a scavenger hunt and sharing pictures. Many great choices for using it with class, friends, family and clubs.