Communicate with students and parents via text messages privately and easily.

Submitted 8 years ago
Dawn C.
Dawn C.
Beacon High School
Beacon NY, US
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My Take

The functionality and ease of use make a great tool for the classroom. Since I am quicker typing on a keyboard (rather than a cell phone) I tend to type messages via the website rather than from the app on my phone. If you are going to use with your students, you might want to search online for parent permission slips depending on the age of your students. Overall, I highly recommend using this product!

How I Use It

I have used as a means to remind students of their assignments, upcoming projects, polls, ask for volunteers, announce review sessions---basically communicate with my students outside of class! I love because it uses a “double blind” system where the students do not have my cell phone number and I don’t have access to theirs. Students can use this service with any phone that can text or via a smart phone app. They can even use it through their email. I have found recently, that my students prefer text messaging to email as a means of communication and this allows me to communicate with them in a secure format.

I have started to allow parents to sign up to receive messages as well and so far it has been well received.

Although I haven’t used it in this capacity to date, would be a wonderful way to have students engage in backchannel conversations during class activities.