BrainPOP is a very useful apps that helps students learn more than several subjects all within one website.

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

I specifically enjoy that BrainPOP includes lessons that are easy for students to understand. I also like that they include follow up activities and games for students to participate in. Not only does this website include educational subjects, but it also includes topics within social emotional learning such as self management, self awareness, responsible decision making, relationship skills, social awareness. These are topics which are crucial for a significant way of living and awareness of mental/physical health.

How I Use It

I believe this app is useful for students because it includes a variety of topics including English, science, social studies, math, arts & music, health, and even engineering. I would possibly include the use of BrainPOP at least twice a week because of it exceptional and educational content. Educators will find this website useful especially when they want to add activities and/or educational games to their lessons. By using BrainPOP, younger students will be able to learn more about how to use technology and apply information learned in the classroom within it.