Videos, Games, and Quizzes-Oh My

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

Overall, BrainPOP has been a useful tool to engage students. The videos have humor, which the students love, and the content has been at the right depth of understanding for my students. I enjoy the variety of lessons and how they can be viewed multiple times for a deeper level of understanding.

How I Use It

BrainPop has been great both inside the classroom for in-person learning and for distance learning. The website has video content divided by topic, and it has a very useful search option if you want to quickly find a specific lesson. The videos are around five minutes in length and have captions, so the students can read while they are watching the content. You can also slow down the video, and the students can have more time to grasp the information.
In preparation for the fifth-grade science exam, my students watch 1-2 videos a day and complete sketch notes. We then display their notes and talk about what they learned their first time seeing the clip. We will watch it a second time, and students are able to see more details which they might have missed the first time.
One way we have used it for distance learning has been assigning specific components by having the students join a BrainPOP class. As a teacher, you are able to assign specific activities for the students to complete which range from reading extra sources, taking a quiz on what was learned, and even some creation components such as visual map-making and creating their own BrainPOP movie based on the content.