Great for introducing or reviewing social studies topics

Submitted 4 years ago
Crystal T.
Crystal T.
P.S. 321 William Penn School
Brooklyn NY, US
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My Take

The students LOVE this, even the silly jokes. I love that it gives a clear overview of a topic and I can trust that it's appropriate. I find that the level of the quiz can sometimes be challenging for my 5th graders and the additional activities can be a bit hit or miss. I recommend the videos for introducing and reviewing content. Brainpop has a way of covering deep or complex topics in a way that is comprehensible and fun. I wish it featured more female characters.

How I Use It

I use the topical videos often to introduce or review social studies content in the classroom. We watch the video once, all the way through, then again and stop and talk. Sometimes, depending on the group, we do the quiz together as a class in teams. Other times we do the graphic organizers that may or may not come with the video. Most often, I show the video and engage in our own class discussion or activity, with the video as a starting point for the discussion.