Timeless engaging game that incorporates learning into fun activities!

Submitted 5 years ago
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I overall thought this was a very engaging activity that was both helpful and fun! Would recommend this app!depending on the teachers preferences in the classroom students have the ability to participate silently or out loud to the class, having the ability to voice your opinion. The thing about this app is that it requires the teacher to be involved and engaged with the students, so being lazy isn't a part of the lesson, teachers are not just going to be able to play the video and have students answer the questions possibly providing an additional quiz after the video and quiz online can help further cement the information into the child's memory, or adults (no discrimination!)

How I Use It

This is a product that even I used in my classroom when I was in elementary school, I can remember using it during class to learn social studies and different subjects through watching a video and then participating in the game afterwards. The good things about this app is that it is so interactive, there are pauses in the dialogue of teaching the subject so that the child has room to either jot down the information or reply via raising their hand or shouting out the answer depending on the preference of the teacher.