Great to introduce any topic! Works wonderfully even with high school seniors

Submitted 8 years ago
Alvin M.
Alvin M.
Klein Forest High School
Houston TX, US
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My Take

I find BrainPop's little 3-4 minute video provide a great introduction to any topic, and there is a 10 question quiz for every topic, as well as supplemental activities or materials/activities. I have never had a high school junior or senior complainand say this is 'kiddy stuff'. Actually they complain that Tim talks a little fast and its hard to listen and take notes, that is why we always watch it twice when they have to quiz.

Has also been very useful for homeound students and students on internal suspension that are allowed computer access.

How I Use It

Here is what I like to do - based on my environment (1 to 1 campus) and my student population (95% seniors)

We'll watch a BrainPop video two times, allowing them to take notes on paper. I previously have used screen capture tool (such as snipping tool) and copied each of their Quiz questions, then have put an online assessment using our BlackBoard LMS, and students take the quiz on their PC using a secure browser (they cant go to any other app), but can use their had written notes.
* I have also copied the questions into student response systems so the students can answer with remotes

I turn on the closed captioning feature, and that help all students, and well as any keywords BrainPop usually puts on screen.

An additional yearly project I started having my students do is produce their own BrainPop live action video, sample from various students across America are on YouTube.