BrainPOP takes complex content and concepts and breaks it down into easy to understand 3 - 5 minute video clips.

Submitted 9 years ago
Nickolas P.
Nickolas P.
Personalized Learning Specialist
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BrainPOP is a nice resource that is good for front-end loading content during a unit. It is nice because it takes complex concepts and material and puts it in student-friendly language in the form of a cartoon. BrainPOP has a wide range of topics and content for all ages. BrainPOP is a nice resource to supplement your curriculum.

How I Use It

I used it as an additional resource that helps students understand the concepts we were learning about in class. For example, during the Weather and Climate unit, students did research on severe weather and used the various weather related BrainPOP videos as a resource to help explain how and when specific storms form in our atmosphere.