BrainPop continues to educate and amaze students of all ages.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I use BrainPop as a way to "grab" the attention of my students when starting a new unit. Additionally, students who are struggling with some concepts can use the BrainPop modules to learn in a new way. Students stay engaged and I am constantly being asked to see "Tim and Moby". The material is standards based, accurate, and shared in a way that makes even the toughest child want to learn!

How I Use It

I use it with students with special needs as they enjoy the "different" view. Additionally, I use it for stations as students can complete the video, other activities, and quizzes before continuing to other stations. I have yet to find a situation in which BrainPop has not been successful. In fact, many of my students request to view BrainPop videos on their break times.