BrainPOP videos are informatitive and concise, perfect for K-6 students.

Submitted 9 years ago
Adam A.
Adam A.
Cohasset High School
Cohasset MA, US
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My Take

BrainPop is an excellent teaching reinforcement tool for younger students. I liked the speed of the videos in terms of how the information is presented to them and how much information is given.

It could be improved with a larger variety of ancient world and with more advanced video for upper level students.

How I Use It

I have used it for in class reinforced on flipped classroom notes. When I was teaching 6th grade geography and cultures, I used them in class constantly to reinforce geographic terms. For these students, the videos provided a nice visual aid. The humor was at a level they could easily relate to and understand. The classes that used them scored higher than another teacher's students who had not seen the videos. Upon giving a short reflection, many cited the videos as one of the primary reasons they found success during the test. However, when I tried to use them in 7/8 grade, several students expressed their disapproval stating that it was not engaging and too slowly moving.